We are the Millers


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I didn’t want to post another blog until next week but I just had to post this as a tribute to the best movie I’ve watched in a long time. Nowadays, Hollywood is hiding the truth in plain sight.

We’re the Millers should not only be a cult classic, it should be a film making template!

This movie showcases almost every important aspect of life, from when it starts to when it ends.

It showcases how messed up life is for so many people to the point where they’d risk anything to find a little happiness. And how carelessly they’d use others in the process.

It showcases how tricky it can be for us to trust each other because of how we treat each other to our own ends.

It showcases how messed up the very concept of a happy family is.

It showcases how myopic, predictable and reckless we get at the idea of money.

It showcases how corrupt and incompetent – or are they? –  the people that we vote for to govern us are. And how they use smokescreens and mirrors to further their interests and no one else’s.

But it showcases hope too.

It showcases how there’s a few good men left in the authorities.

And most importantly, it showcases how, with nothing but a little love and empathy, we can re-think the concept of family (read society) and find a way to live better lives together.

If you’re a prude, you probably won’t like this movie. But if you watch it with an open mind, you’ll love it. Because it’s damn funny too. Peace, love, light.

On Faith and Religion

Religion has been one of the most polarising subjects known to man since the beginning of time. What is the true religion? Does it make logical sense to live your life based on faith? Is it possible to be moral without religion? Does God really exist? And if He does, why does humanity go through so much pain and suffering?


In my opinion, God does exist. Our concept of how He exists, however, is questionable at best. Different people, through their different faiths, have different ideas of who God is, where He dwells, how He works and the afterlife. I believe God is closer to you than you think. I also believe your faith/religion has absolutely no bearing on who God is, how He works or where He lives.


Let’s look at some questions:


1)   Why is there so much suffering in the world if God exists

2)   If God wants us to always do Good, why then, did He create us with the capacity to do Evil? Why did He give us that choice?

3)   How strong is the devil?

4)   Where are Heaven and Hell?


Firstly, suffering in the world is not caused by God. It is caused by man. Why does God allow it to happen? He doesn’t. Man does.


Secondly, contrary to popular opinion, God is very democratic. He’s not going to force you to live by his rules. He doesn’t punish you if you don’t. You punish yourself by doing Evil. That punishment is called karma.


Thirdly, the devil is a lot stronger than you think.


Lastly, Heaven is what you make it and Hell is what you’re going through.


God doesn’t live in the sky and the devil doesn’t live in Hell. They both live inside you. God is called the Self and the devil is called the Ego.


When the Self is dominant, you’re closer to Heaven and when the Ego is dominant, you’re closer to Hell. When the Self is dominant, you’ll be more compelled to do more good than Evil. You will be full of positive energy. The reverse is true when the Ego is dominant. You will be full of negative energy.


Pain and suffering in this world is not caused or tolerated by God or our concept of Him. It is caused and tolerated by us as individuals. If you do Evil, that’s the Ego (the devil in you) working. If you do Good, that’s the Self (God within you) working. It’s not complicated at all.


Evil people cause and tolerate pain and suffering. There’s nothing more to it. If we lived by simple principles, like being your brother’s keeper, there’d be no pain and suffering.


The devil is very strong. And he’s strong because it’s easier for man to be indifferent to the pain and suffering of his fellow men. And that’s because man is very selfish. Man would much rather prefer to be ahead of his fellow man than to help them so they can grow together. Man loves to compete and come out on top. And it’s pretty obvious who that is from the very definition of the word Ego. That’s the devil in you. But that’s not the real you.


The Ego is very deceptive. It promises you a very vain and fickle existence. It tries to convince you that you’re better than others. It implies that this is your destiny. It tries to convince you that it’s the real you. And that’s why it’s not called the Self.


The Self is realistic. The Self knows, whether we try to deny it or not, that we’re better together as equals. The Self is not vain and fickle. The Self is humble and accommodating of others. The Self is compassionate. That’s the REAL you. The Self invites blessings. If you’re good to your fellow man, he’ll be good to you in return. Do unto others what you would have them do unto you and all that. Simple principles.


The Bible and other such books were written by the most creative men we will ever know. But that’s not to say they were wrong. These books are based on the truth. The book of Revelation in the Bible, for example, has ALL the answers. You just need to read it with an open mind. These same men saw, very early on, that they could create something that would help them govern their fellow men. They were greedy and evil. They were selfish because they themselves were governed by their egos. Hence, they created religion. And it’s been downhill ever since.


But that’s just my take on it. Feel free to leave a comment below.