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I didn’t want to post another blog until next week but I just had to post this as a tribute to the best movie I’ve watched in a long time. Nowadays, Hollywood is hiding the truth in plain sight.

We’re the Millers should not only be a cult classic, it should be a film making template!

This movie showcases almost every important aspect of life, from when it starts to when it ends.

It showcases how messed up life is for so many people to the point where they’d risk anything to find a little happiness. And how carelessly they’d use others in the process.

It showcases how tricky it can be for us to trust each other because of how we treat each other to our own ends.

It showcases how messed up the very concept of a happy family is.

It showcases how myopic, predictable and reckless we get at the idea of money.

It showcases how corrupt and incompetent – or are they? –  the people that we vote for to govern us are. And how they use smokescreens and mirrors to further their interests and no one else’s.

But it showcases hope too.

It showcases how there’s a few good men left in the authorities.

And most importantly, it showcases how, with nothing but a little love and empathy, we can re-think the concept of family (read society) and find a way to live better lives together.

If you’re a prude, you probably won’t like this movie. But if you watch it with an open mind, you’ll love it. Because it’s damn funny too. Peace, love, light.